Legal Information

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Contract of Transport

The conditions and terms established in this contract apply exclusively to the transport of passengers and baggage on flights within the Republic of Colombia and international, operated by the transporter AERO REPUBLICA S.A., under the Wingo brand.

You can download and learn about our Transportation Contract here.
Affidavit for travel to Cuba

If you are a US citizen or a resident of the United States and are traveling to Cuba, according to the new regulations of the United States government, you must complete the sworn travel statement and deliver it to the counters at the beginning of your trip.

Passengers who make Web Check in, must deliver the sworn statement of travel at the boarding gates where their flight originates. Learn more about Affidavit for travel to Cuba.
Withdrawal and dismissal

The acquirer and / or passenger has the right to withdraw the purchase when it has been made by non-traditional or remote means (non-contact purchases). The withdrawal must be exercised, through any channel of attention of the seller, within forty-eight (48) current hours following the purchase operation of the ...

The acquirer and / or passenger has the right to withdraw the purchase when it has been made by non-traditional or remote means (non-contact purchases). See more information on Withdrawal and Withdrawal. See applications of Withdrawal and dismissal.
Tax invoice mexico

If you are a natural or legal person with a permanent establishment in Mexico and require a tax invoice, we invite you to see the documentation required in Tax Billing Mexico

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Privacy Policy

AEROREPUBLICA S.A (Wingo) is committed to offering the best possible service to its customers and protecting the privacy of the data and information provided by customers through the use of this website. Wingo guarantees to take all the necessary measures to ensure that said information will be used only for the purpose of providing superior service to its customers through a better knowledge of the interests and needs of the clients.

Wingo will not sell or share any of the information indicated above, unless required by a competent authority, however, Wingo and its affiliates will use such information in order to communicate with customers. Learn all our Privacy Policy.
Sustainability policy

Aware of the importance of maintaining a socially responsible performance of our operation, and linked to sustainable tourism development, the Airlines - Compañía Panameña de Aviación- Sucursal Colombia and AeroRepública S.A. (operating under the Copa Colombia and Wingo brands), (from now on the Airlines together)​​​​​​​

they undertake to adopt the principles of Sectorial Technical Standard NTS-TS 003, and to carry out a responsible management of their operation, insofar as applicable, by adopting policies aimed at preventing, eliminating and / or reducing the impact negative that the Airlines may have in their operation, in the communities that may affect in Colombia, in order to improve their relationship with the environment, society and interest groups in social, environmental and economic matters. See Sustainability Policy.
Terms and conditions

Through this website, AeroRepública SA, (operating under the Wingo brand), hereinafter "Wingo", offer a service to the user, under the condition that he ("the user") accepts without restriction or condition the terms and conditions established in it. By using this website the user is expressly accepting each and every one of the terms, conditions and notifications established here.

Wingo reserves the right to modify this agreement, as well as make changes to any product, program or service described in this website, at any time, without any notification and / or responsibility. Know the Terms and Conditions.
Rights and duties of travelers and Wingo

Read all the rights and duties of travelers and Wingo