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Here you can manage your flights, easily and safely, so you can personalize your #ModoWingo experience according to your needs and preferences. Additionally, you can consult important information related to your trip.

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Here you can request the resending of the confirmation of your purchase and thus have all the information of your tickets and upcoming flights. Enter the information requested below and receive the corresponding information in the email you registered in the reservation.

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Acquire our optional services and thus save while personalizing your flight experience according to your preferences and needs.

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Get excited now and know everything you need to know about that destination to which you are going to travel.

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Check the necessary requirements for your next trip ... so you will fly without worries.

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Error in the name or surname of any of the travelers? Don't worry, here you can correct it.

Other services

We want your entire trip to be in #ModoWingo, that's why we offer you tools that will facilitate the planning of those vacations that you have waited for so long.

Hotels, car rental, airport transfers and much more for you

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Do you need the invoice for your purchase at Wingo? Download it yourself, easily and quickly.


If for any reason you want to cancel your purchase at Wingo ☹, we invite you to consult our withdrawal policy.

Flight change

Change of plans? Be cool! At Wingo, you can change the date or route of your flight without complications.

Reimbursement for force majeure

Reimbursement for force majeure
Although we count the days to fly with you, we understand if for reasons of force majeure you will no longer be able to do so. Learn about our air ticket refund policy here.