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With the new Wingo App, everything you need to plan, buy and track your flights is at your fingertips. Online, fast, secure and without queues!

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Manage your trip. Search, compare, choose and book our cheapest flights.

Check-in online and access your boarding pass quickly and without lines.

Make changes to your reservation and add optional services, easily, quickly and safely.

Receive exclusive discounts and promotions from the App.

The app you need to track your flights

Consult, verify and confirm data about your trip in real time, such as the requirements of your destination, your flight schedules, or any news that may arise.

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In the Wingo App you can consult, compare and directly buy cheap tickets to more than 23 national and international destinations.

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The Wingo App has many functionalities that, in addition to being intuitive and easy to use, are very useful so that you can plan or track your flights in real time and without complications.

From trip planning until you land at your destination, the Wingo App travels with you.

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Search and buy tickets at our best prices, manage your trip, check the status of your flights, learn about our exclusive offers, or activate optional services and much more.

Everything in one place in the Wingo App!

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Receive updated and instant information about what interests you most, such as exclusive promotions, Wingo news, ticket offers for your favorite destinations, the status of your flight, our services and many more benefits.

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Through the Wingo APP you can make your online check-in easier and faster from 72 to 3 hours before your flight departure. Get your digital boarding pass in one click.

Save time, avoid lines and enjoy the trip until the end.

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With Wingo, booking your flights has never been easier. Try it now!

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