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By purchasing the shared airport transfer service, we take you to Downtown Panama City. This service is available at Panama-Pacifico Airport and makes the following stops at the city’s main shopping malls:

  • Albrook Mall (first stop)
  • Multiplaza Shopping Mall(second stop)

*This service is provided by Busmen S.A., a certified staff-transportation company that has the local knowledge to take you to your destination of choice without any hassle.


How may I purchase this service?

You may purchase this service when buying your ticket on Manage my booking option or by calling our Call Center

We are working on getting this service available for purchase on board. It will available soon!

Keep in mind that this service is not available for purchase at Panama Pacifico Airport.


What are the benefits of purchasing this service?

  • This service is provided by Busmen S.A., a certified staff-transportation company that has the local knowledge to take you to your destination of choice without any hassle.
  • Trusted certified drivers will take you to your destination and a GPS department will be available 24/7 to monitor the operation of each route. 
  • No hidden toll fees or tips.
  • Panama Pacifico International Airport is located in the Special Economic Zone in the Panama Pacifico area, where transport service options are scarce and there is no public transportation to Panama City.

Services and fees


Keep in mind the following recommendations


  • Airport transfer from Panama departs 1 hour after arrival and/or once all passengers have boarded the shuttle.  
  • In order to use the service, you will need to show your ID and boarding pass or voucher to the driver.
  • Upon your arrival, BUSMEN S.A.’s shuttle and staff will be waiting for you at the parking lots located in front of the airport showing Wingo pick-up sings.
  • Service will be provided by BUSMEN S.A., under their entire responsibility and under their terms and conditions.


Questions about Airport Transfers Panama?

You can contact BUSMEN, S.A. by:

Phone: +507 394-7150


Terms and Conditions


  1. Service will be provided by BUSMEN S.A., under their entire responsibility and under their terms and conditions.
  2. Price per passenger and per transfer. Tolls and tips included. VAT is not included.
  3. Non-refundable.
  4. The reservation is only valid on the date, for the flight and for the number of passengers included in the reservation.
  5. The service is personal and non-transferable, therefore, it may not be transferred or altered by the passenger.
  6. At the time of purchase, passengers must verify that all information provided (ID, destination, schedule, etc.) are correct.
  7. The service will be available for purchase up to 4 hours before the flight’s departure or on board. 
  8. Changes may be made up to 24 hours before the flight’s departure, by calling Wingo’s Call Center. If the passenger makes a change within 24 hours prior to the flight’s departure, full-rate penalty will be charged.
  9. Upon arrival of the flight in Panama Pacifico Airport, BUSMEN S.A. will provide the shared airport transfer service after the arrival of the flight as provided in the schedule. 
  10. The shuttle will be waiting for passengers for 30 minutes after baggage claim at the point of origin and will then leave to Albrook Mall and Multiplaza Shopping Mall. To calculate the waiting times at the airport, the following aspects have been considered:
    1. Immigration clearance
    2. Customs clearance
    3. Baggage claim and pick-up (to be done by users)
    4. Boarding the shuttle
  11. Passengers must show their IDs, boarding passes/booking confirmation/voucher to board the shuttle. If passengers fail to provide these documents, they will not be allowed to board the shuttle and the amount paid for the service will not be refunded. 
  12. No boarding or disembarking at places other than the ones designated in your reservation will be allowed.
  13. As the transportation service provider, BUSMEN, S.A. is not liable for and cannot guarantee airport transfer for passengers that for any of the following reasons, which are outside the company’s control, are not able to board the shuttle on time:
    1. User lost his/her boarding pass or booking confirmation.
    2. User was not able to board the shuttle on time, prior to the shuttle’s departure.
    3. Users with special medical needs who were not on time to board the shuttle.
    4. In the event WINGO has not confirmed or updated the time of arrival for flights arriving at Panama Pacifico Airport.
    5. In the event WINGO fails to notify BUSMEN, S.A. of a user who has purchased the service before the established deadline
    6. BUSMEN, S.A. is not responsible for delays caused by immigration authorities or for baggage claim delays. BUSMEN, S.A. will wait for the stipulated time and will depart. The rates paid for the services are not refundable.  
  14. BUSMEN S.A. will use all reasonable efforts to pick up the passenger at the designated pick-up area. However, BUSMEN, S.A. is not liable for any loss or cost arising out of reasonable or inevitable delays. Passengers are responsible for booking a transportation service to pick him/her up on time. Neither we, nor our vendors are liable for any losses resulting from not planning your trip in advance, including, without limitation, missed flights.
  15. Children under the age of two (2) are carried free of charge and must be held on the laps of an adult passenger. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult passenger. Children over the age of twelve (12) must show an authorization letter signed by his/her legal guardian, otherwise, the child is at risk of losing his/her ticket. In most cases, children count as passengers, occupying a seat and requiring a reservation to be made for the full price of the service.
  16. Passengers lose their right to be transferred and the amount paid when under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics, or when their state, physical and/or mental condition shows that they can put his/her and other passengers’ safety at risk.
  17. Passengers may not board the shuttle if carrying firearms or sharp objects.
  18. Passengers assume civil, legal and administrative responsibility for carrying restricted or prohibited items and for causing damages or losses to the State, AEROREPUBLICA, S.A. and/or BUSMEN, S.A. 
  19. BUSMEN S.A. is not liable for the physical or health conditions of passengers, nor for any ailment or incident that may result from non-evident physical or health conditions.
  20. In the event of contingencies or unforeseen events at the place of origin or during the flight that may hinder the provision of the transportation service, passengers automatically authorize BUSMEN, S.A. to provide the service using standard units (whether owned by BUSMEN, S.A. or belonging to any third party). If the booked service cannot be provided in compliance with the reservation and BUSMEN, S.A. is not able to provide a similar alternative, AEROREPUBLICA, S.A. will reimburse the amount paid for the service.
  21. BUSMEN, S.A. is not liable for money, jewelry, valuable items, electronic devices, audio or video equipment, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. left in the unit. However, BUSMEN, S.A. is obligated to return the item if found by the staff of THE COMPANY. Passengers may claim their lost items at BUSMEN, S.A.’s office (Panama, Corregimiento de Veracruz, Panamá Pacífico, Internacional Business Park, Edificio 3845, Piso 3, Oficina 309). In order to complete the claim process, passengers must:
    1. Provide a photocopy of the person claiming the lost item.
    2. Sign a document detailing the lost item, date of claim, person claiming the item, etc.
  22. If the driver is not waiting for passengers at the time agreed for pick up, passenger must contact BUSMEN, S.A. to locate his/her driver. Passengers are responsible for having a functional phone at the moment of pick up. BUSMEN, S.A. is not responsible for any inconvenience or mistake resulting from the passenger failing to contact BUSMEN, S.A. or from BUSMEN, S.A. not being able to contact the passenger when calling the phone number provided. 
  23. If, for any reason, your departure flight is detoured, we will use our best reasonable efforts to schedule a new airport transfer to pick you up at the original destination airport at the new time of arrival. In those cases where the flight is detoured too late and preventing the driver from reaching the airport at the original time is inevitable, passenger may need to make another reservation and pay an additional fee at the destination.
  24. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you must contact BUSMEN, S.A. to notify the new ETA in order for BUSMEN, S.A. to reschedule the airport transfer service. If you fail to notify any cancellation or rescheduling of your flight, the airport transfer service will be provided at the time set out in the original reservation. In such cases, BUSMEN, S.A. will not be liable for any loss and not refunds will be made.
  25. BUSMEN, S.A. does not specialize in transporting people with special needs, however, we are willing to make our best reasonable efforts to meet your special needs. Passengers must notify at the time of reservation of any special needs that may impact the service provided by BUSMEN, S.A.
  26. You may carry one (1) piece of carry-on luggage not exceeding 55x45x25 linear cm and one (1) piece of checked luggage not exceeding 158 linear cm. BUSMEN, S.A. Loading additional luggage is subject to BUSMEN, S.A.’s criteria. If a passenger has luggage that exceeds the aforementioned allowance or is carrying special luggage (sports equipment, musical instruments, pets), he/she must notify BUSMEN, S.A. in order to ensure space inside the unit. If passenger fails to notify BUSMEN, S.A. of special luggage, BUSMEN, S.A. is not obligated to transport special luggage if not space is available.