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Contract of Transport

The conditions and terms established in this contract apply exclusively for the transport of passengers and baggage on flights within the Republic of Colombia and international, operated by the transporter AERO REPUBLICA S.A., under the brand Wingo. You can download and learn about our Transportation Contract here.


Below we give information about travel documents required for minors:

  • Law 1098 of 2006 (Code of Childhood and Adolescence),
  • The Colombian Aeronautical Regulation number (Transportation of Minors),
  • Resolution 02496 of August 27, 2018 of the Ministry of Transport and the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics and the other applicable regulations in the countries of destination of our international flights.

Learn more about travel documents and policies for minors.
Pregnant women

If you are pregnant you can travel with us, as long as you meet the following conditions:

  • It is the duty of the traveler to report her pregnancy status, the airline when she considers it may inquire about the point.
  • If you have more than thirty (30) weeks of gestation, you must present a medical certificate stating: that you are fit to make the trip and mention the route and duration of the flight.
  • This certificate must be issued within 10 days before the date of the flight according to numeral of the Colombian Aeronautical Regulations (RAC 3) modified by Resolution No. 01458 of June 18, 2015 of the Aerocivil.
  • It will be necessary for you to appear in our service module, up to 90 minutes before flight departures, to present said certificate and fill out the Disclaimer of Exemption Form.
  • In case you present physical samples that indicate the start of labor, we will have to deny you the approach. It is for your safety and that of your baby!
  • Travelers with newborn babies must wait until the child is at least 7 days old to be able to travel.

More information.
Passengers with special medical conditions

We watch for your safety. So we will accept sick or injured passengers who do not have infectious-contagious diseases and who are in a position to take care of their own needs or who are assisted by a companion during the trip. If this is your case or that of someone you know, keep in mind these conditions of passengers with special medical conditions.

Passengers with special needs

At Wingo we will make every effort to transport and provide assistance to all our passengers, including those with special needs. Learn more about the policy of passengers with special needs.

Baggage Policy

We want you to travel happy and that is why we do everything possible so that you can take what you need to have a comfortable trip, as long as your luggage is checked, paid and also meets the following conditions. More information.

Privacy policy

AEROREPUBLICA S.A (Wingo) is committed to rendering the best possible service to its customers and to protecting the privacy of the data and information provided by customers by usage of this website. Wingo agrees to take all necessary measures to ensure that such information will be used only for the purpose of providing better service to its customers by better understanding the interests and needs of our customers. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

Sustainability policy

At Compañía Panameña de Aviación (Colombian Branch) and AeroRepública S.A. (doing business as Copa Colombia and Wingo, respectively) we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism. Learn more about the Sustainability policy.

Terms and conditions

This website is offered by Aero República S.A., (d.b.a. Wingo), hereinafter referred to as "Wingo”, to the user, conditioned on acceptance by the user ("User"), without restriction of the terms, conditions and notices contained herein. By accessing and using this website, the User expressly agrees to be bound to all such terms, conditions and notices. Learn more abut the terms and conditionsof the website .

Change policy

In the day to day happen many unforeseen events and we know that sometimes the plans change, so do not worry.
If you need to make a change to your ticket you can do it up to three hours before the scheduled departure of your flight, as long as you have not checked in. Know the types of changes allowed, and their respective terms and conditions in our Change Policy.