Baggage policies for Venezuela

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Our Rates

Our commitment is to offer you very low rates. To offer you amazing prices we have defined that our rates are not reimbursable or endorsable. The ticket you buy will be valid until the date and time scheduled for the start of the trip. The rates do not include maximum or minimum stay required, they do not have associated temporary or purchase or early booking. We will charge you an extra value for the additional services that you select in the reservation, such as: Check In in Airport, Additional Checked Baggage, Quick Row, Assignment of Chairs, Special Baggage, among others.


Hand bagagge

When you buy a ticket in Wingo you have the right to take a free hand luggage of maximum 10Kg and 55x45x25cm in the cabin of the plane for free. If your carry-on bag exceeds the allowed dimensions, you can take it as your free checked baggage by registering it at the counter or if you carry more luggage you will have to pay an additional value directly at the airport counter to take it as your second billed piece.


Checked Baggage

When you buy a ticket in Wingo you have the right to carry a free suitcase of up to 23Kg and 158cm linear as checked baggage. If you need more luggage Wingo offers you the possibility of buying two suitcases over 20Kg and 158 linear cm, paying for each one an additional value. If your checked baggage does not meet the limits set by Wingo, you must pay an additional value for each extra kilogram. The maximum weight allowed for each piece of luggage that exceeds the maximum dimensions will be 32 kilos. We allow you to carry up to 3 pieces of luggage per passenger, except for infants (under two years who travel free and have no right to carry luggage).


Check - In online

When you fly Wingo you can print your boarding pass at home and check-in for free on our website as early as 72 hours and as late as 4 hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. It is very important that you keep in mind that if you select the option to print your boarding pass at home but fail to bring it with you on the day of your flight, we will charge you an extra fee for printing it at the airport. Also, remember that downloading your boarding pass to your mobile phone is not available for flights departing Venezuela.



If you need to make a change to your ticket after making your purchase, we offer the possibility of making corrections of name, route or date up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight by applying a penalty fee plus the rate difference that applies to the new available rate. Learn about our Change Policy at



At Wingo, we are passionate about offering you very low prices. That is why the tickets and additional services you buy with us are not refundable, if you do not make your trip, your ticket will lose its validity and can not be used later. To know our exceptions consult our Rebate Guide at


Presentation times at the airport

If you selected the option to check in and print your boarding pass at the airport or if you need to check your luggage, remember that we will be waiting for you at our check-in desk between four and two hours before your scheduled flight departure. If you have your printed boarding pass and do not need to document your baggage, you can directly enter the boarding room no later than two hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.


Validation of travel documents

You are responsible for validating in advance your trip all the necessary documents to enter the country where you travel. (Passport, Visas, Tourism Cards, Health Certificates and any additional or special requirement or document required by the laws and regulations in force in the countries of departure, transit and destination.) It is important to take into consideration that some regulations Migrants require Wingo to ensure that all passengers who are not nationals or legal residents in the destination country to which they are traveling, have a means of transportation (depending on the authority and its laws) to leave the destination country.