Our company

We are Latin America’s coolest airline.


Enjoy amazing destinations at really low prices, fly on time and enjoy lots of good vibes.

We know that you should not miss anything in life. That’s why we take you to the best places of this side of the world at low prices. With Wingo you fly to 16 destinations in 10 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our prices and routes are the perfect combination for all of those who want to travel by plane. We want to take to those places and moments that you cannot miss. With Wingo, you can customize your travel experience according to your budget and needs. We strive to ensure that our flights meet the established itineraries and operate under the agreed conditions.

When you fly with us, you don’t waste a minute of your trip and you get to be on time for your destination. Our Wingo team is always working to offer you a nice experience, keep our fares low and make you happy.

See you on board. Wingo, the way to fly.


Our Fleet


Fly happily, fly Wingo

You can relax and enjoy your flight without any worries. Our fleet is made up of modern, efficient and safe aircraft.

We operate 4 Boeing 737-400 airplanes. Each one seats 142 passengers in one single cabin.

Wingo is IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audits) certified. This certification comprises more than 900 operational standards and recommended practices and includes air safety, in-flight and ground operations, engineering and maintenance, cargo and transportation of special goods and dispatching and operational control. By adhering to IOSA, we are able to ensure our flights are completely safe.

In addition, Wingo features solid operational and maintenance processes, which allow us to take our passengers to the best destinations safely and without any worries at all.

We are committed to your safety. Wingo, the way to fly.


Get to know more about our fleet:
Boeing 737-700
Maximum Speed Mach 0.82 (1000 km/h)
Range 5.450 km
Maximum altitude 41,000 ft (12,500 m)
Span 35.8 m
Cabin Width 3.54 m
Cabin Height 2.2 m
Seats 142
lavatories 3