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Why fly with Wingo?

Low prices

Low prices are part of our DNA and they are our commitment to you. Our wings are yours, so you can fly as much as you want because with us the prices are no longer an excuse for not doing it.

Incredible fares and the confidence that you only get from flying on the best low-cost airline in Latin America and the third in the world, according to the travel metasearch KAYAK, are the best reasons to fly Wingo.

Professionalism, biosafety and good vibes really go hand in hand with our low fares.
Flying well at fair fares is flying Wingo!

Good vibes and flexibility

At Wingo, we always do our best to make you feel happy. Our goal is to deliver a cool and easy-going experience, from when you quote and book your flight until you return from your trip with a huge smile and the best memories.
Besides, we understand you and we are aware that today more than ever, your travel plans can be uncertain. Due to this, we have products and options for you to self-manage or reschedule your flights.
Flying with good vibes and flexibility is flying Wingo!

Safe flights always

High biosafety standards
Our biosafety committee, made up of expert epidemiologists, implements constantly all the necessary measures to ensure the health and well-being of our passengers and crews. 

When you board a Wingo flight, you will be entering a safe environment. Our aircraft are disinfected, before receiving you, with Electrostatic Sprayers, modern devices that eliminate viruses and bacteria from all surfaces through electrostatic spraying. 

Wingo aircraft have high-efficiency particulate air filters, HEPA, which renew the air in the passenger cabin, on average, every three minutes and eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses. Breathe easy!

Our counters, boarding rooms and other contact points are constantly disinfected so we can guarantee your protection during your whole travel process.
Our team is ready to take off safely again…as always. All our staff members, both on ground and on board, have been trained in accordance with our biosafety guidelines and have all the necessary protection measures to take care of you.

Flying always safe is flying Wingo!  

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Modern aircraft

Our fleet made up of Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft fulfills all international standards to take you safely to those destinations you have always wanted to go. With Wingo, you will live a comfortable and modern flight experience that will allow you to relax and enjoy all our #ModoWingo.

Flying in modern aircraft is flying Wingo!


Aero República, operating as Wingo, is certified with IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), issued by the International Air Transport Association - IATA -, that endorses more than 900 procedures related to our air safety, flight operations as well as our ground and maintenance practices.

Additionally, the high maintenance standards for our aircraft will always guarantee your safety!

Flying with international standards is flying Wingo!

On Time flights in #WingoMood

We are the perfect airline for you because we know that you don't want to miss a minute of your vacations or business trips. We have high punctuality indicators and we work hard to get you to your destination on time. That is our guarantee and commitment to you.

Our operations staff has processes in place to ensure flights on time, and best of all, this is nothing new, Wingo has been a punctual airline since its first takeoff! Relax and enjoy your flight while we take you on time to that dreamed destination.

Flying on time is flying Wingo!

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With Wingo you save more and fly better!


At Wingo you can travel with a 10 kg personal item totally free. If you need to take an additional bag with you in the cabin, you can acquire a 12 kg carry-on bag at a very low price. That’s doing it #ModoWingo

Know the terms and conditions

Do you travel with more baggage?

Just relax! We offer you the optional baggage service in the winery so that, for a small additional value, you can travel with everything you need to enjoy your Wingo destination.

Compare and discover why Wingo is your best option.

More information

Acquire this optional service from
$ 35.000* COP
I want luggage in the cellar

Sit where you prefer

When you buy your tickets with Wingo, you have a seat assigned randomly.
If you want more space to stretch your legs, travel in the window or with your travel companion, you can purchase one of our Extra Space or Standard seat in the Manage Your Trip section or at the time of your check-in.

When you fly Wingo, you get to choose your seat.

I want to select seat



From 16.000* COP

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From 30.000* COP

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Customized check-in

Make your web check-in, free of charge, from the comfort of your home and do not forget to print your board. Remember that you must present it to board your flight.

If you wish, for an additional fee, our team at the airport will take care of your check-in and print your pass so that you can travel without complications.

Choose the option that best suits your travel needs. Learn more.

From $5.000* COP
Add check-in
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Fast row

We know you will be anxious to start your trip. Get our preferential lane service and be one of the firsts in line to document your luggage, check-in at the airport, and print your boarding pass!
Learn more.

From $5.000* COP
I want fast row
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Priority boarding

Avoid long lines when boarding the plane. Be among the first to board and get the best place to store your carry-on luggage.

From $5.000 COP
Add to my reservation
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Wingo Flex

Make changes to your flight if your plans change. With Wingo Flex you get unlimited flexibility to change dates, routes or flights free of change fees.

From $55.000 COP
Read more

Wingo Market

We have a delicious menu for when you want to eat or drink. On your next flight, take a look, get away and enjoy what you like most.

Get to know our menu

Travel with your best friend

From 50.000* COP

Are you going on a trip and do not want to leave your best hairy friend at home? This is the perfect choice for both.

Acquire this optional service for flights to the interior of Colombia and travel with your pet in the cabin.  Learn more

I want to travel with my best friend