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Caracas combines colonial architecture and modern infrastructure to create a unique urban landscape. Plus, any date is perfect for visiting, since its weather is always on #WingoMode.



Simon Bolivar International Airport

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Experiences to discover Caracas’s B-side

World-famous flavors

If you love good food, you probably know what arepas and hallacas mean –two of Venezuela’s staple foods. Go to Baruta’s Calle del Hambre (literally, the Street of Hunger) and treat yourself to the flavors that you will only find there.  Another must-visit for foodies is Bolivar Square. Surrounded by countless restaurants serving the one and only Pabellón Criollo (a typical dish that combines white rice, shredded beef, black beans and plantain fries will certainly make your mouth water. And, what’s for dessert? A Bienmesabe, of course! Made up of moist sponge cake, coconut and meringue, this dessert holds a special spot in the heart of Caraqueños. Make your visit to Caracas even sweeter.

Touring around Caracas 

Do you want to take a different look at the city? Any Caraqueño will tell you to hop on the MetroCable to go to San Agustin –there you will get to know all the stories Caracas has to tell you. You’ll love this experience and if you are going with your family, all the better. Another experience you cannot miss is the city’s cable car. For less than one dollar, you will get the chance to take postcard-like pictures and enjoy some amazing views that will truly take your breath away. Here’s our tip: Getting around in the city is much easier, cheaper and faster on the Metro. Plus, you’ll get to dive into Caraqueño culture and live a very local experience.

Enjoy Caracas like a true local

If you want to share some time with Caraqueños, don’t hesitate to add this item to your itinerary. A stroll around Los Proceres and a picnic at El Laguito is something that locals regularly do and that you will certainly love. Plus, if you love reading, you can take a walk by Puente de las Fuerzas Armadas, buy some book at prices as low as Wingo’s and get your imagination going while you read. Enjoy your trip like a Wingo Traveler is letting yourself be captivated by local culture.

Culture all around

Venezuela’s capital is a hotspot for cultural trends, so your trip will not be complete without a visit to some of its famous museums, exhibitions and theaters.In Caracas, culture is in the air. Every weekend dancers from Venezuela’s Central University take over the institution’s main square to display their amazing dancing skills to the rhythm of typical Venezuelan music, mesmerizing tourists and locals alike. Go ahead and make a few moves yourself.

Very typical souvenirs

You know that you cannot get back from Caracas with empty hands. The city offers thousands of choices to get some very-typical gifts and crafts for your loved ones. Go to Quinta Crespo Market and be charmed by its traditions and colors. We are certain that you will find the best souvenirs to take a piece of Caracas with you.

Necessary documents to enter Venezuela

If you’re traveling to Venezuela, keep in mind that you will need to show the following documents:

  • Valid passport, which must not expire within 6 months after your departure date.
  • Return ticket.
  • Hotel reservation or a notarized letter issued by the person inviting you, which must include his/her address and phone number.
  • Visa according to country of origin. Check if you need to apply for a visa on the website the Venezuelan immigration authorities.
  • Keep in mind that these documents may vary depending on the country of origin and citizenship of each passenger. You are responsible for checking all the required documentation on the website of the Venezuelan immigration authorities.

Be sure to bring all the necessary travel documentation: passports, visas, tourist cards and any additional or special document or requirement provided by the effective and applicable regulations of the departure, transit or destination countries. Some immigration regulations require Wingo to ensure all passengers –who are not citizens or legal residents of the destination country– have a means of transportation to leave the destination country.



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