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With Wingo you get to know the City of All without paying more.

There’s no doubt that Bogota makes all visitors fall in love with it. Music concerts, great museums, cultural events, local and foreign plays, unique restaurants, colonial architecture contrasting with modern shopping and business centers and colorful streets. What else can you wish for?

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from or where you’re going next. Fall in love with Bogota and learn why it has been nicknamed the City of All.

Wingo Tip: Did you know that you can visit up to 10 destinations in Colombia and Latin America from Bogota on Wingo?

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Captivating experiences for you in Bogota

Fly happily 8,600 ft. closer to the stars

Don’t think that we are just referring to the stars in the sky. Bogota is home to the country’s most important artistic and cultural events. So, if you want to seat in the front row and enjoy your favorite artists, we’ll take you to this city of open doors.

Get up with fleas

If you happen to be in Bogota any Sunday, you can’t miss the Flea Market in Usaquen. Food, crafts and a bohemian atmosphere like no other will provide for an unforgettable stroll. If you like to live the whole experience, rent a bike and enjoy Bike Day on Bogota’s main roads, from 7 am to 2 pm.

History and more history

Bogota is rich in ancient, contemporary and… unconventional history. Yes! In addition to the country’s most important art, science or history museums, you can also get a glimpse of Bogota from a different perspective: The Glass Museum, the Leather Museum or the Man Museum will be waiting for you. Get ready and see Bogota through different eyes.  

Rockstar Obleas

Since the leading vocalist of one of the world’s most famous rock bands visited Bogota and tried this quintessential local dessert, obleas have become a staple for foodies visiting the capital. Don’t leave without trying them.

A very colorful tour

Bogota has become one of Latin America’s main cultural hubs. If you are visiting the city, don’t forget to take a graffiti tour to get to know some of the most spectacular and colorful urban art interventions in the continent. Book a tour guide who catches your #WingoVibes or dare to explore all the colors, melodies and textures Bogota has to offer.


If you’re traveling to Colombia, keep in mind that you will need to show the following documents:

  • Valid passport, which must not expire within 6 months after your departure date.
  • Return ticket.
  • All tourists traveling to Colombia must pay a tourist tax in cash at our check-in counter.
  • Hotel or apartment reservation.
  • Visa according to country of origin. You may check if your country is eligible for visa on the website of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Keep in mind that these documents may vary depending on the country of origin and citizenship of each passenger. You are responsible for checking all the required documentation on the website of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Be sure to bring all the necessary travel documentation: passports, visas, tourist cards and any additional or special document or requirement provided by the effective and applicable regulations of the departure, transit or destination countries. Some immigration regulations require Wingo to ensure all passengers who are not citizens or legal residents of the destination country– have a means of transportation to leave the destination country.


Necessary documents to enter Colombia

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