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A World’s Heritage Site and a city you must visit :D

Are you looking for a city that has the perfect mix of beaches, history, countless activities and magic charm? If the answer is yes, the place to go is Cartegana. Fly to The Heroic City on Wingo and dare to discover a mandatory destination for travelers all around the world.

You will fall in love with its colorful streets and one-of-a-kind sunsets. We are sure that Cartagena will become a destination you will want to visit over and over and over and over again ;)

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Experiences to be charmed

Live its history

Cartagena was founded in the 16th century and was declared a World’s Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984, being the first Colombian city to be part of this exclusive list. Discover its secrets by strolling through its streets, fall in love with one of Latin America’s oldest walled cities and enjoy the most magical charms on this side of the world.  On top of that, the Heroic City is home to some of the most important cultural events in the country. That’s why you cannot miss the International Music Festival, the Hay Festival and the Cartagena Film Festival. MAPS ciudad amurallada Cartagena is the historic gate to Colombia. What are you waiting for to visit?

Simply Cartagena…

If you are in the city, you must dance champeta. Get carried away at one of the best parties in Latin America and make new friends while you dance to the rhythm of this Caribbean music style. You can show your moves either at Bazurto, Calle de la Media Luna or at any nightclub in the city. MAPS Bazurto Not a great dancer? Relax! What matters in Cartagena is having fun until the sun comes up.

Dive into paradise

If the sea is your thing, then get away and discover the best beaches in Colombia. Either by car or by sea, and less than one hour away, you will get to true Caribbean oases featuring white sands and crystal-clear waters. These beaches are perfect for diving in coral reefs, kayaking or practice any water sport. Places like Islas del Rosario, Barú or Cholón will take your breath away and will make you want to stay there forever. MAPS BARÚ If you are visiting Cartagena, don’t think twice. Go there! 

Rest guaranteed

Cartagena is a world-class resort destination. That’s why you will certainly find the perfect place to stay and enjoy this magical city regardless of your budget. Options range from fancy five-stars hotel chains to spectacular hostels where you can make new friends from all over the world. Cartagena has it all. It’s up to you!

All flavors in one single place

Cartagena is a heaven for foodies. From a typical arepa ‘e huevo stand and the colorful fruits and sweets sold by Palenqueras on the streets, to the best gourmet restaurants in the Caribbean, Cartagena is the perfect place to taste matchless dishes and enjoy good Costeño cuisine. MAPS Plaza Santo Domingo Don’t fight it. It’s better if you forget about your diet ;)

Necessary documents to enter Colombia

If you’re traveling to Colombia, keep in mind that you will need to show the following documents:

  • Valid passport, which must not expire within 6 months after your departure date.
  • Return ticket.
  • All tourists traveling to Colombia must pay a tourist tax in cash at our check-in counter.
  • Hotel or apartment reservation.
  • Visa according to country of origin. You may check if your country is eligible for visa on the website of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Keep in mind that these documents may vary depending on the country of origin and citizenship of each passenger. You are responsible for checking all the required documentation on the website of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Be sure to bring all the necessary travel documentation: passports, visas, tourist cards and any additional or special document or requirement provided by the effective and applicable regulations of the departure, transit or destination countries. Some immigration regulations require Wingo to ensure all passengers who are not citizens or legal residents of the destination country– have a means of transportation to leave the destination country.



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